15 Months Old

Sully turned 15 months old this past month. We have seen some pretty huge changes lately, the biggest being that he is now a walking baby! He started walking around 14.5 months old. Once he took his first steps it was only another week before he started walking laps around the house. I was amazed at how fast it happened once he got going!


Our days have really improved since he started walking. There’s a lot less fussing and much more independent play happening now. I don’t feel quite as tethered to him as I did before, although he does still have plenty of toddler tantrums.

Let me just say, diaper changes are a NIGHTMARE right now. I dread them.

He still naps twice a day, around 9:30 and 1:30. I don’t expect this to last too much longer. He naps about one hour for each nap, often less than that. I think we will be transitioning to one nap soon. He eats three hearty meals a day and what feels like a million snacks. This baby is a bottomless pit! I love his passion for eating, though. He clearly takes after his momma!

He is always adding new words to his ever-growing vocabulary. His pronunciations aren’t great, but he does have lots of words. Maybe around 30 at this point. He’s super smart and constantly surprising me with what he knows. He’s getting pretty good at repeating a word after we say it to him.

He loves balls, eating, “coloring” (mostly just sorting his crayons), puzzles, his cousins, walks in the stroller, exploring outside, playing at the park, books, and dogs.

He loves to smile for pictures. Every time I hold up my phone to take a picture, he instantly starts smiling and saying, “Cheeeeeeee”. It’s adorable.

My favorite time with him is first thing in the morning, when Pete gets him from his crib and brings him to me, and we snuggle and nurse under the covers until Pete finishes showering and making us breakfast. I will always treasure these first moments of our days, and I’m going to miss it so much once he has weaned. He is not a cuddly baby by any means, so I don’t expect him to continue to snuggle with me in the mornings once I’m not nursing him anymore.

Speaking of nursing, there doesn’t appear to be an end in site at this point. He loves to nurse and is no where close to self-weaning. My goal was to nurse for one year, but I could see us making it to two. I never expected to nurse that long, but it feels like the natural thing to do for him.

15 months old is a fun age. Sure, it’s challenging too, but I’m trying to take in all the amazing little moments and appreciate them before they are gone.