15 Weeks Pregnant

I made 15 weeks this past Sunday. I thought it would be fun to do blog updates as often as possible to document this pregnancy. I didn’t do that for Sully’s pregnancy, and I would love to be able to go back and reference things like how big my bump was, how much weight I gained week to week, when symptoms appeared and disappeared, etc.

One major difference between last pregnancy and this one is I haven’t run at all this entire pregnancy. With Sully, I ran probably 10-15 miles a week well into my pregnancy. It felt great to be active and I just loved the idea of my baby getting an early start on running (haha). This time, between having a toddler to care for and being really nauseated all of the time I never got any runs in during my first trimester. Now that I’m in the second trimester, I have some of the motivation to run but I know I can’t just jump right in with a new exercise routine while pregnant. I may try to ease into it with some walking/slow jogging and see how it goes. At this point I’m getting ZERO exercise and it just doesn’t feel good.

Here’s a few stats:

Weight gained: 7 pounds (this feels kind of fast to have gained 7 pounds, but I do remember gaining much faster in the beginning and then tapering off near the end for Sully’s pregnancy).

Bump size: Getting there! I mostly wear maternity leggings/jeans because regular pants are not comfortable at all. I definitely have a bump happening, though it varies in size from morning to evening. It’s not all that noticeable under clothes, though.

15 weeks bump

Preparations made: I’ve booked our birth photographer (the same one we used for Sully). I’m working on finding a doula. I’m also looking into placenta encapsulation, which I didn’t really consider doing with Sully. This time, I’m more open to it, and I figure it definitely won’t hurt but MIGHT help with the postpartum hormone changes (which had a huge effect on me physically and mentally after having Sully). We’ve looked at two houses but neither had what we want in a new house, so as of now we are waiting for something to pop up and still considering adding on to make our current house fit our needs once the baby arrives.

Diet: After weeks of food aversions and evening nausea keeping me from eating a healthy diet, I’ve finally come back around to veggies and cooking! I’m still pretty tired in the evenings, but I’m not too nauseated to cook. I’m working on a meal plan of simple vegetarian recipes that take 20 minutes or less, and I will be starting that next week. So, I think my diet is on the up and up nutritionally!

Genetic testing: I almost forgot! We had the MaterniT21 blood test done and everything came back great. No chromosomal abnormalities. This test also reveals the gender of the baby, but we don’t want to find that out until the birth. So, my midwife will be keeping that information a secret.

Midwife Appointments: I just had an appointment this week. We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler for the first time! The last few times we tried, the midwife couldn’t find it (possibly because my uterus was retroverted then, but has stood up since). I love going to my prenatal appointments. It’s great to talk to the midwives and get a little update on the baby and my progress, and I just like being able to talk about the birth and my plans, fears, hopes, etc.

Water Birth:  I tried for a water birth with Sully, but it didn’t pan out. My labor stalled in the water and in the end I gave birth in a bed, on my back. It was a really hard labor, though, and he was not coming down easily. So we did what we had to do to get him out, and I was just grateful it didn’t lead to a c-section. I do think this birth will be completely different, and I am set on a water birth this time, however! (Of course, I’m well aware childbirth rarely goes the way you plan, ha.)