17 Months Old

Sully will be 18 months old in a week, but I have to squeeze my blog updates in when I can, so I’m not going to risk waiting another week to post and then not find the time to do it! Phew. It’s been a crazy month. When I am in the middle of a big project, or multiple projects, I really have no free time to blog or do anything else it feels like. Once things calm down, though, I’m so happy to get back to blogging and squeezing in other activities during Sully’s naps/after bedtime.

Family Beach Trip

It’s been a fun (though stressful for me, due to the above mentioned projects) month. We took a big family trip to the beach, and Sully loved it. He was going through a leap and some painful teething, so we had our challenges, but while he was outside on the beach he couldn’t have been happier! He loved the sand and water.


I’m pretty much always obsessed with this kid’s sleeping schedule. We’ve mostly had very stressful vacations when it comes to sleep. I guess he is finally getting to an age where he is okay with sleeping through the night in a new place, though, and he did very well on this trip. We brought the pack n’ play and put it in our room with us. Most nights we got him down around 8pm. He slept through the night with only a couple of random wake ups over the course of the trip. It was a milestone for us to be able to get a full night’s sleep while on vacation with him.

Starting to Wean (maybe)?

I am beginning a weaning process of sorts. Sully nurses all day long. I can’t keep count of how often it is. It’s a lot! I’m really getting tired of it and am wishing we were on more of a schedule. I would love to just nurse once in the morning and once before bed. So, this past week I introduced a schedule. We only nurse three times a day: in the morning, before his afternoon nap, and before bed. I’ve been enforcing this schedule for five days now. It is TOUGH. He wants to nurse all the time and I constantly have to tell him the milk is all gone or that he will have to wait to nurse. I have to distract him with snacks, smoothies, and all the activities I can think of. I can’t really sit down around him, so I’m always standing up and doing things so he can’t climb on top of me and try to nurse. It’s a tough process. I’m so proud of myself for getting through five days already, though. Surely it will start to get easier soon, right?!

Mother’s Day Out – Cannot Wait!

It’s hard to believe that in less than two months Sully will be starting a Mother’s Day Out program and I will be baby-free for four hours a day, four days a week. I’ll be using the time to tackle my client work and hopefully pick up a little extra money. I don’t want to put a ton of pressure on myself, though, because it’s still not going to allow me a full time workload. I’d like to be able to do a similar workload to what I am taking on now, honestly, and just have a lot less stress trying to juggle watching Sully with getting work done.

More to Come…

I hope to get some more posts up soon. So many topics are swarming around in my head, including meditating (something I’ve recently started to do before bed–it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable than I thought!), recipes I’ve tried lately, some running updates, and getting back into yoga after a two year hiatus. Oh, and I expect to have some smoothie recipes to share soon as well, as I am wishing and hoping for a Vitamix for my birthday next week (hint, hint, husband)!