18 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester has been SO much better than the first. My nausea is at least managed by medication, which has allowed me to go back to a healthy, normal diet. I am back into cooking and enjoying food and my evenings are no longer spent on the couch feeling depleted of all energy and nauseated. Yay for the second trimester! I’m definitely in the sweet spot of pregnancy at 18 weeks.

I started going to weekly prenatal yoga classes at the Birth Center three weeks ago. It’s the only form of exercise I am doing other than trying to accumulate as many steps a day as I can (I measure steps on my Apple watch, but rarely meet my step goal at this point…something I am working on). Running still isn’t happening unfortunately. Right now I’m just grateful to be getting back to a healthy diet and cooking again, though, so hopefully exercise will soon follow.

Baby movements are really picking up. I have felt the baby kick from the outside twice now, which was amazing! It brought me back to Sully’s pregnancy and that sensation that I had forgotten about. I also feel occasional movements/kicks at least once a day now.

Latest stats:

Weight gained: 9 pounds. Seems like a reasonable weight gain and normal for me at this point in the pregnancy (from what I remember of Sully’s pregnancy)

Bump size: My bump is really growing now. I can wear certain things that accentuate it, or hide it if I want to. Sometimes I feel like I may be measuring large and the baby feels higher up than it should be. I’m curious to see what they say at my next appointment (which is next week).

18 weeks pregnant

Preparations made: Yesterday we met with two doulas who work as a team. They were great and I will probably be hiring them for the birth. I will only have one attend the birth, depending on who is available at the time. I’m really excited to have a doula on board; my doula was so helpful for Sully’s birth. We are also continuing to house hunt and get quotes on adding on to our house. I am still leaning towards adding on if we can afford it, because I really don’t want to leave our neighborhood which I LOVE.

Diet: My diet has been great the past couple weeks. I have an appetite for healthy foods again. We go to the Farmers Market every Saturday and get some local organic greens which I incorporate into salads, sandwiches, and smoothies, so I really am fitting in some nutrition in my daily diet. I’m cooking a few nights a week and eating take out/leftovers when I don’t cook. It’s been working out great. One of my favorite healthy desserts are black bean brownies, which I make weekly to have on hand (I almost always crave something sweet after meals). I made Minimalist Baker’s recipe and these are seriously amazing (especially if you top with some nut butter and heat in the microwave…ohmygod). In a way I am also preparing for the possibility of having Gestational Diabetes, which I had with Sully. I need to be ready for the low carb/low sugar/high protein diet, so I’m getting an early start on incorporating GD friendly foods into my diet now.

Black Bean Brownies

Midwife Appointment: My anatomy scan was scheduled for next week, but actually will be moved to the following week unfortunately. I will also have my next prenatal appointment next week or the one after, depending on if that has to be moved to. So, more updates are coming soon!