Favorite Things: Peonies, No Frills Diaper Bag, and More…

Favorite Things

Here is my latest compilation of random things that I am currently loving! Peonies First and foremost: peonies! Peonie season is underway and I got this gorgeous bouquet for $6.99 from Trader Joe’s. Worth every penny for the joy they bring me every day! They currently reside on the kitchen table, and Sully and I […]

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My Easy Cloth Diaper Routine

Easy Cloth Diapering

Before I even got pregnant I had plans to cloth diaper. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I will admit just picking out cloth diapers and coming up with a wash routine sounded fun to me. So, once I got pregnant, I registered for cloth diapers and bought them periodically in the months […]

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My First Night Away from Sully

This weekend was a major milestone for Sully and me. Pete and I took an overnight trip to Austin, TX while his parents watched Sully. Sully’s never spent the night without us, and I’ve never been away from him for more than six hours. I was definitely ready for a break, though, after 16 months […]

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Wednesday Night Treadmill Runs

Since having Sully, my treadmill has become essential for fitting in runs during the week. My free time is limited to when he sleeps, and I feel like I have to pick between a handful of things I can accomplish each night. Usually a toss-up between cooking dinner, catching up on laundry, working, or running. Squeezing in […]

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Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

This past weekend was my second Mother’s Day as a mom. I had a fun, busy weekend. Saturday was pretty typical weekend stuff, taking care of errands, getting a hair cut, going to the grocery. Pete gave me my Mother’s Day present one day early, and I LOVE it. It’s a new diaper bag/carryall from Storq. […]

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