32 Weeks!

Well l haven’t been very good about these pregnancy updates! I’m suddenly 32 weeks…where did the time go?!

The biggest change, other than my now giant belly, is I have gestational diabetes once again (had it with Sully’s pregnancy as well). I didn’t do the glucola test this time; I just tested at home since I already have the supplies from my last pregnancy. I can easily control my numbers with diet, but if I eat a lot carbs, my blood sugar numbers shoot up. I’m only testing twice a day instead of four times a day this go-round, which is pretty nice. I’ve definitely modified my diet a bit to keep my numbers in line, and I can’t eat big portions at any meals. But overall it’s not that bad. I just miss being able to eat pizza, mostly!

Latest Stats:

Weight gained: 20 pounds. This is about what I gained total for Sully’s pregnancy. So I guess I’m on track to gain a little more this time around! But I don’t expect to gain a whole lot more towards the end of the pregnancy; I think I taper off with weight gain at the end.

House update: We are STILL in the process of planning a potential add on to the house while watching the market to see if any three bedroom homes in our neighborhood pop up. Slowest. Process. Ever. We won’t have an extra bedroom ready by the time the baby arrives, but I’m totally okay with that.

Preparations being made: We have a crib! It’s set up in Sully’s room (he still sleeps in his, so we have two matching cribs now). Other than that, we are so busy with vacations and work and Sully, I’ve hardly planned for this baby’s arrival! I’m starting to freak out about meals mostly. I think freezing a bunch of meals in advance would definitely be helpful, I just don’t know where to begin with that. I managed to freeze like three meals before Sully’s birth and we didn’t even eat them all because one of them no longer looked appetizing after sitting in the freezer for a while.

Diet: My diet has been a big focus of this pregnancy due to having gestational diabetes. I am eating pretty well overall because of it, though. Breakfast is usually eggs/Ezekial toast/veggie sausages, oatmeal,  and green smoothies during the week and protein waffles on the weekend. Lunch is usually avocado toast with an egg, dinner leftovers, or some sort of sandwich on Ezekiel bread. Dinners are whatever low carb recipes I can find. I throw in greens with my meals as often as I can. I am eating more dairy/eggs than I used to because of this diet (they are easy protein, and balance my blood sugar when I’m eating carbs), but I try to prepare plant based meals often too.

Bump! It’s getting pretty big. Belly button is officially poking out. I’m getting more uncomfortable each week. But it’s right on track based on measurements at my midwife appointments.

Things we still need: I’ve yet to buy a crib mattress, because they are so expensive! I want an organic, chemical-free one like I got for Sully, which really raises the price. We also still need to get a double stroller. These are some things I’ll be budgeting for in the next couple of months, because we are getting really close to baby Browne’s arrival!