8 Months In…

Pregnancy Announcement

I took this picture when I was 3 months pregnant to announce our pregnancy to the world. Fast forward 14 months, and we are now a family of 3 (non-furry members). And things have changed quite dramatically. The first year of your first child’s life is so many things…frantic, crazy, happy, amazing, and oh, so very tiring. The list goes on! We are finally starting to find our groove since Sullivan (the little blob in that ultrasound photo) entered our lives.

Sullivan's Birth

About this Blog

I’ll be using this blog to document our lives since taking the leap into this new world of parenthood. I also want this to be a place to share and discuss other parts of our lives such as recipes, running, design, home improvements, travel, and more on what I’ve learned along the way while raising my little man, Sully.