Hi! I’m Jenny, and this is my blog. My husband’s name is Peter. We met about 10 years ago in school while getting our degrees in graphic design. Today, we are married with a two-year-old (Sullivan), newborn (Waylon), Golden Retriever (Nico), and cat (Julep).

We have our own graphic design business (Type&Image). Pete is also a full time web developer. I used to work full time from home running Type&Image. However, since Sully came along, I’ve become more like 80% stay-at-home mom and 20% business woman. It’s hard finding the right balance sometimes, but I’m making it work.

I’m excited to document and share our lives as new parents through this blog. I’ll also be sharing other fun stuff from our lives like recipes/baby meal ideas, design-related topics, running, travel, and other things I’ve learned along the way while taking care of my two boys.

Thanks for reading!

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