Baby #2! 14 Weeks Pregnant

Baby #2

I am officially 14 weeks pregnant with Baby Browne #2! It’s been so hard to keep that news bottled up inside. We’ve told most close family and friends by now, but we waited til 12 weeks for the official Facebook/social media announcement, which is basically announcing to everyone else we know.

I’ve been wanting this pregnancy for a long time, and it definitely took us longer this time around to conceive than it did with Sully. I think a combination of nursing (I didn’t fully wean Sully until five months into the process of actively TTC) and an early miscarriage five weeks into a pregnancy (originally got pregnant our fifth month of trying), delayed things a bit. Ultimately, it took us nine months to finally conceive this baby. It took me a while to believe the baby would stick. Once I had the first ultrasound and saw the heartbeat at six weeks, I felt much better about it, though. On top of that, the nausea kicked in at just five weeks, and that was a constant reminder that I was still pregnant. In fact, the nausea is STILL hanging around, though it has improved considerably as of this week.

I’m planning to birth at a local birth center with midwives, which is where I had Sully. It was an amazing experience and such a beautiful place to give birth. I can’t imagine doing it any other way this time around. I also love the prenatal care midwives provide. So I’m really excited to go through this process again with baby #2!

As far as preparing for childbirth, I still have my Hypnobabies home study course I used to prepare for Sully’s birth. I have to say most of what I learned went right out the window once I was in labor, though! I think it could definitely be helpful if I really commit to the course and listen to the CD’s every day, which I was pretty bad about the first time around. I’m also considering taking a Hypnobabies course in person, since I’ve seen it offered recently (this wasn’t an option last go-round).

There are so many things to prepare for, discuss, and do to get ready for this baby! My due date is September 3. We’ve got time, but honestly I can see this pregnancy flying by. It’s just a totally different experience being pregnant while taking care of a toddler, and most of my attention is occupied by Sully right now. One small problem is we don’t have an extra bedroom available for a nursery, so at this point the new baby will share a room with Sully. Which I don’t see going over well with anyone for the first year at least. We’re looking at either make doing with the current setup, adding on another bedroom to our current house, or buying a new house altogether. So, yeah, lots of decisions need to be made in the next six months!