Baby on Board

We’ve talked about getting a bike seat for Sully for months, but just never got around to doing the research and picking one out. Well, as of this weekend, we finally got the ball rolling with our very first bike ride with Sully on board! My parents gave Pete the bike seat a few weeks ago for his birthday. He installed it last weekend, we ordered this adorable helmet, and Sunday morning was our first test ride. I didn’t think Sully would actually go for this at all, and we did have to force things a bit, but once he was rolling, he was a happy camper!

He refused to let me put the helmet on him or place him in the bike seat, so we decided to take things one step at a time. First, get him in the seat and rolling on the bike. I pretty much had to force him in and let Pete take off with him. Once he was moving, he realized this was actually kind of fun, and we weren’t just trying to torture him! After a few minutes of riding around, we stopped to put the helmet on. Again, I basically had to force it on, cause Sully wasn’t having it. Our strategy worked, though, and soon enough we were all happily riding down the path — no tears or screaming involved. Success!

Toddler Helmet
Not in the mood to smile after I put the helmet on his head.

We kept the ride relatively short so we wouldn’t be too far out should he freak out suddenly and need to get home immediately. I’m really looking forward to more rides once the weather cools down, cause it still feels like summer down here. If we managed to have a good time in this heat, though, I’m thinking in a few weeks  when the cold fronts start coming in we’ll really be enjoying these bike outings.