Back to “School”: a Rocky but Promising Start

We are three weeks into Sully’s first “school year”. He began a Mother’s Day Out program (half days, four days a week) in September. There have been a few bumps along the way (he’s already on his second illness since starting the program), but overall I’d say it’s going amazingly! I expected tears and heartbreaking mornings prying him off of me at drop off. This program uses a car pool for drop offs, though, and they come get him directly from his car seat. For whatever reason, the babies seem to do much better with this method than being brought to their classroom by their parents. He hasn’t actually cried at drop off even once!

I tried to get an official “first day of school” picture on the porch, but this is the best we could get out of him. It would lead you to believe he HATES school, but really he had no idea it was his first day of school and just didn’t feel like posing for a picture.

Last week he started having symptoms of a stomach virus, and it’s been a rough one. He’s been sick before, but I’ve never seen him this sick. I guess we better get used to more illnesses like this while he builds up his immune system for all of these new germs he’s encountering at school. I had to keep him at home Monday and Tuesday of this week. All he wanted was to be held and walked around the house in circles. He barely was eating. I felt so bad for him. I got him a smoothie as a special treat to cheer him up, and it helped for a few minutes. Ultimately he didn’t drink much of the smoothie, though. Poor guy just had no appetite.

Sick Day

The start of his Mother’s Day Out program also means I am semi-getting back into the working world. It worked out that I had two large projects lined up with the beginning of the school year, so I’ve been SUPER busy. It has not helped that I had to keep him home the past two days. When it comes to my workload, I’m just as stressed and pressed for time as I was before his school started, unfortunately. Luckily, this will not be the norm, though, and things should slow down a bit in a few weeks. I find freelance work just tends to be this way: feast or famine. So, I’ll take it, even if it means one solid month of STRESSSSSSS.

The beginning of the school year, fall weather, and October are generally my favorite time of year. I can’t get enough of the cooler, crisper air, changing leaves, and the fresh start the new school year brings (even if Sully isn’t technically in school yet, I do feel more connected to the school year calendar now that he’ll be in this half day program, which is a plus!). It also usually means the beginning of half-marathon training season and much nicer runs with cooler temps too. As far as fall weather goes, though, it’s no where to be found. And I haven’t been doing much running, either. So, I’ve got some work to do to get into the “spirit” of things. Hoping the first cool front will bring with it some running motivation and a little more excitement about my favorite time of year!