Backyard Meals

Spring weather is here, and the past few weeks have been so pleasant. Each weekend we have spent a little time sprucing up the back and front yards, since I expect to spend a lot of time outside with Sully this spring/summer. The deck in the backyard was one of our first spots to address. Now that we’ve cleaned and updated some of the deck furniture, eating outside has become much more enticing. Now, after Sully goes to bed, I make dinner, and we eat our meal outside on the deck with a beer or glass of wine. It feels so luxurious and relaxing to do this after a long day keeping up with Sully.

Pea and Asparagus Gnocchi

The weather won’t stay this pleasant for long. The hot summer will be here before we know it! But, I plan to continue this trend of eating outside even when it’s not quite as comfortable. I love mixing things up like this and making use of our deck. And there is just something special and extra fun about eating outside!

The next step is to get Sully a cheap highchair (I have my eye on the Antilop from Ikea) that we can pull up to the deck table, so he can join us outside for lunches and, if we’re really ambitious, breakfasts too!