37 Weeks and 3 Days


On August 16, our baby made a very unexpected, very fast entrance into the world. This birth was completely different from Sully’s and nothing could have prepared me for how spontaneous and fast it was. I’m still constantly going over the series of events and dissecting them, wondering how I didn’t realize I was in […]

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32 Weeks!

Well l haven’t been very good about these pregnancy updates! I’m suddenly 32 weeks…where did the time go?! The biggest change, other than my now giant belly, is I have gestational diabetes once again (had it with Sully’s pregnancy as well). I didn’t do the glucola test this time; I just tested at home since I […]

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18 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester has been SO much better than the first. My nausea is at least managed by medication, which has allowed me to go back to a healthy, normal diet. I am back into cooking and enjoying food and my evenings are no longer spent on the couch feeling depleted of all energy and […]

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15 Weeks Pregnant

I made 15 weeks this past Sunday. I thought it would be fun to do blog updates as often as possible to document this pregnancy. I didn’t do that for Sully’s pregnancy, and I would love to be able to go back and reference things like how big my bump was, how much weight I gained […]

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Baby #2! 14 Weeks Pregnant

Baby #2

I am officially 14 weeks pregnant with Baby Browne #2! It’s been so hard to keep that news bottled up inside. We’ve told most close family and friends by now, but we waited til 12 weeks for the official Facebook/social media announcement, which is basically announcing to everyone else we know. I’ve been wanting this […]

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