Crescent City Classic 10k

I ran the Crescent City Classic (a 10k) on Easter weekend. I trained as much as I could for this in about two months’ time. For most runners this would be considered pretty minimal training, though: two three mile runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. I started with four miles as my long run, and worked up to eight miles for the longest run. Then I tapered the long runs back down to six miles until race weekend.

I have to say, my training plan worked! I tend to get injured when I train seriously for races. This low-key plan I made for myself was perfect. I PR’d with a time of 49:58 and made it in to the top 500 female finishers — I was number 248 (this race is a huge, with over 20,000 runners participating each year). My ultimate goals were to break 50 minutes and make it into the top 500 females, so I was thrilled with this outcome!

The Nike+ Breakdown
(my GPS time was slightly better than the official race time)

7:55 7’55″/MI
15:42 – 0:08 (1%) 7’47″/MI
23:36 + 0:06 (-2%) 7’53″/MI
31:24 – 0:05 (1%) 7’48″/MI
39:21 + 0:09 (-2%) 7’57″/MI
47:18 – 0:00 (0%) 7’56″/MI

After throwing the towel in on half-marathon training, it really renewed my confidence to train for this race and meet my goals. Finding the time to fit runs in (or do anything for myself, for that matter) with a baby is TOUGH. Thanks to his early bedtime of 7pm and my mom donating her treadmill to us, though, I could make the weekday runs happen. Long runs were tricky to fit in as well, because Pete and I were both training for this race and Sully can’t tolerate more than 3 or 4 miles in the stroller. So, our solution was for one of us to run in the morning and the other to run in the evening. We had to dedicate an entire Saturday or Sunday to fitting our runs in. When it was time to do the eight mile run, my friend Alise babysat Sully, which I was eternally grateful for! That way Pete and I could run together and still have the afternoon to accomplish other things.

I’ve taken the past week off of running, but I don’t want to slack off too much. We may sign up for a 5k soon. At the very least, I’d like to keep up with this pattern of two weekday runs followed by a longish run on the weekend.