Favorite Things: Peonies, No Frills Diaper Bag, and More…

Favorite Things

Here is my latest compilation of random things that I am currently loving!


First and foremost: peonies! Peonie season is underway and I got this gorgeous bouquet for $6.99 from Trader Joe’s. Worth every penny for the joy they bring me every day! They currently reside on the kitchen table, and Sully and I periodically sniff them throughout the day. I love how beautiful they are before they’ve even bloomed, and then each day as they open up a tiny bit more they become even more breathtaking.

Vegetarian Sausage Patties

We eat Morning Star vegetarian sausage patties most mornings with breakfast (quick and easy protein), but I don’t feel great about all the ingredients in those things. This homemade recipe would be the perfect substitute to cook and freeze ahead of time.

Storq Carryall 

I mentioned it in my post about Mother’s Day, but it needs to be on this list too! I love this diaper bag. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag, it’s gender neutral so Pete can carry it around too, and it stores a lot of stuff in an organized way (including Sully’s very bulky cloth diapers).Store Carryall

Growing a Family on Hyperemesis 

A midwife experiences severe, constant nausea (hyperemesis) during her own pregnancy. While I didn’t have nausea anywhere close to this level, I can relate to it lasting into the third trimester. Luckily I was able to treat mine with Unisom and did not have to spend the entire pregnancy nauseated and vomitting.

Hoover Linx

My cordless stick vacuum. I use this thing several times a week to keep on top of the copious amounts of dog hair shed by our golden retriever. It’s so much easier to pull out than our corded Dyson, and a lot more effective than our handheld vacuum is on our living room rug. Love this thing!