Favorite Things

Happy Halloween! Well, it’s a day early, but trick-or-treating has officially been moved to today due to inclement weather expected tomorrow (actual Halloween). I can’t wait to post photos of Sully’s costume and his first Halloween! In the meantime, here’s a list of some recent favorite things of mine.

Inbox by Gmail
Pete got me hooked on Inbox after I stubbornly rejected it because I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of my email messages not being organized into folders. Once I gave it another shot, and let go of the idea that my inbox needs to be organized one message at a time (which was NOT working well for me), I fell in love with Inbox! Give it a shot. It works great in the browser and with the iOS or Android app. Getting to Inbox Zero is a piece of cake, and messages are automatically categorized for you (and easily searchable).

Clean Home Habits
I’m on a mission to make my home a cleaner place (and be a cleaner person), and this article has some pretty good tips for habits I need to start incorporating.

Mint Flavored Oreo Thins
I picked these up at Target the other day and can’t get enough of them! They taste just like Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies.

Electric Toothbrush
After doing some research on electric toothbrushes, I decided to go with the very affordable Deep Sweep 1000 by Oral-B. Just a week after using the toothbrush, I had a dentist appointment, and the hygienist complimented me on how well I took care of my teeth. I can’t think of a better endorsement for a toothbrush than that! I love how this toothbrush buzzes every 30 seconds so that you know to move to the next quadrant of your mouth, and then makes a longer buzz when the recommended two minutes of brushing is up!

Target iOS App
I love using this app for my Target grocery list. Once you arrive at the store, it automatically sorts everything on your list by aisle. It’s fantastic.

Landscape Lighting
I was so excited to see a new post by Young House Love after their hiatus from blogging. As usual, they have me longing to embark on another home project: landscape lighting. We’ve already been improving our house curb appeal with improvements to our front porch, so the addition of landscape lighting makes perfect sense for our next project.