Favorite Things

Pinhole Press

I thought it would be fun to start sharing a list of my favorite things. I’m always coming across products, links, food, places, etc. that I love. So, I’d like to start sharing this stuff on a semi-regular basis.

Here we go!

I’m always in search of new ways to manage my to do list. I’ve been a fan of the simplicity of Clear for a while now, but I couldn’t resist trying out WeekPlan.

Pinhole Press
After doing some research on photo book printing options, I was most impressed with the look of Pinhole Press books. I’ll be printing a new book for each quarter of Sully’s first year. His first book came out beautifully.

A 10 Month Old’s Letter to Santa
Sully could have written this. It is spot on. And hilarious.

This combo: Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, Granola, and Greek Yogurt
This has been my after-dinner dessert all week, and I’m in love! It’s delicious. The cookie butter mixed in reminds me of chunks of hot fudge in your ice cream. The granola adds some additional sweetness and crunch to the yogurt, and greek yogurt has a ton of protein, making this decadent dessert semi-good for you.

Kindle Paperwhite
Can’t say enough good things about the Kindle. I had an old-school Kindle but was using Pete’s Paperwhite to do all my reading anyway. Since he actually wanted to do some reading too, we decided it was worthwhile for me to update to the Paperwhite. The Kindle is fantastic for reading while breastfeeding (it’s so much harder to read from an actual book while holding a baby). I also love  that I can read from the Paperwhite in the dark. And there are a lot of fun features that have been added, like different ways to view your progress in the book.