My First Night Away from Sully

This weekend was a major milestone for Sully and me. Pete and I took an overnight trip to Austin, TX while his parents watched Sully. Sully’s never spent the night without us, and I’ve never been away from him for more than six hours. I was definitely ready for a break, though, after 16 months of very little time to myself.

I was very worried about how he would do and if he would sleep. It turns out he did amazingly! He slept through the night for them and didn’t ask for us the whole time we were gone. I’m so proud of him and excited that he can handle being away from me for such an extended period of time (as a nursing toddler, I expected the separation to be particularly difficult for him). He will be starting a half day Mother’s Day Out program in the fall, and this experience has made me feel a lot less anxious about how he will do being away from me four days a week.

Our trip to Austin was fantastic. We indulged in all the food and drinks we could in one overnight stay. I love visiting Austin. It’s such a great city and mix of food, music, art, nature, and design. If I could just relocate my whole family there (and afford the rising cost of housing), I’d move there in a second!

One of the highlights of our trip was an early lunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe. During the 30 minute wait we sipped on cocktails out front and then got seated on the patio (under a cover, luckily, as it started to pour down raining at the end of our meal). We both ordered vegetarian breakfast Bánh mì which were phenomenal.

We stopped in at a couple of shops, including The Gypsy Wagon where I got this Paddywax candle which I’m in love with (the lemon flower and mint scent is perfection).

I tried an Avocado Margarita at the vegetarian friendly Curra’s, which was delicious! The avocado made it extra creamy. I guess I could consider that a smoothie of sorts?

We dropped in briefly at a bar to meet up with an old friend of Pete’s and see a free Deltron 3030 show, but I didn’t last long with the large crowd and smoke. I guess the past 16 months of life with a baby has really changed my idea of fun!

The following morning we grabbed coffee and pastries at Patika. I enjoyed an adult pop tart (mental note: make these at home later!) and Pete had a slice of coffee cake.

After some more roaming around and checking out shops, we headed to brunch with Pete’s old college friend for one last meal at St. Genevieve’s. After stuffing ourselves, we got back on the road to return to Houston and see our Sully. We spent another night at Pete’s parents’ house and drove back home the next day. The five hour drive was tough as we ended up not even stopping for lunch (it was raining, and the rest stop we usually go to was closed), and everyone was on edge and couldn’t stand another minute in the car when we finally got home. I’m shocked at how well Sully did with the car ride (both ways), though! We even had Nico with us, which didn’t make things any easier, that’s for sure!

The whole trip flew by and feels like a blur looking back on it. I’m impressed we pulled off this trip with relatively little stress. We didn’t plan ahead very far in advance. It was a last minute decision where we picked an upcoming weekend to go and just rolled with it, despite not feeling very prepared.

Our next road trip will be in June for our annual family beach trip. I’m feeling a lot more prepared for that trip now that I know how well Sully can do in the car.