Planning a Trip to D.C.

We are in the middle of planning a trip to Washington, D.C. I’m so excited to visit another city with Sully (this isn’t his first time traveling to a new city; we took him to Chicago when he was 4 months). I love creating new memories and experiences for him.

The Challenges of Traveling with a Baby

This trip will have some challenges.

For one, we are planning to go in November, so it will likely be pretty cold. The last time we went to D.C. was also in November, and it was freezing. I had a great time on that trip, but, if it’s as cold as I remember it being, we are going to have to come prepared.

The other challenge with this trip is Sully now eats solid foods. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I actually liked having an exclusively breastfed baby, especially while traveling. Since introducing solids to Sully, things have gotten considerably messier.  Packing up purees for him to eat along with a bib, spoon, and wipes is much more of a hassle than bringing my nursing cover along and nursing him where ever we eat.

My technique for eating out is to feed him a puree after we sit down and while we’re waiting on our food to come out. If I’m lucky, the puree lasts until the food comes out. Then I give him some food off of my plate to keep him occupied. This method actually works pretty great, and most of the time we eat peacefully and can enjoy ourselves. The clean up afterwards is my least favorite part. It’s always pretty disgusting. I usually bring these disposable placemats along, though, and that helps make the clean up a little bit easier.

Managing meals out while traveling isn’t going to be my cup of tea, but we’ll make it happen. It is so worth it to me to deal with these hassles in order to give Sully a new experience like visiting another city. Plus, the more we do stuff like this, the more practice he gets at handling these outings and experiences.

I have no idea yet what we’ll be doing while we’re in D.C. Really, as long as the baby is happy, I’m happy. Taking vacations now is dramatically different from pre-baby traveling, that’s for sure. I have no expectations of where to go or what to see while we are there. I just want a happy baby and enough sleep to survive on, cause I don’t expect him to sleep well based on past traveling experiences.

Does anyone have any tips for traveling with an 8 month old? What about dressing an 8 month old for the cold weather? Now that, I have zero experience doing!