Short Family Trip to NYC

We just got back from a short trip to New York City. I already miss big city life! We had a great time. This trip was planned very last minute. My family was already going, and we decided just a couple of weeks ago to join in on their NYC trip. I’m so glad we did!

It wasn’t easy with Sully, but, all things considered, I’d say he did pretty great. I never intended to do as much traveling with him as we have been doing! (We still have our DC trip coming up soon too.) The memories we made were totally worth the hassle of traveling with a baby, though. I love that he is getting all of these new experiences.

Like visiting Central Park. We had the best time and got some great family photos out of it.


Central Park

A few things that went better than expected:

  1. Sleeping in a New Place
    Sully slept great on the trip! This was truly amazing. He had been having a rough time sleeping after getting an ear infection the week before we left. Miraculously, he only woke up 1-2 times a night while we were on the trip. The hotel provided us with a crib in our room, and we also set up Sully’s white noise that he’s used to having at home (an elaborate set up involving a White Noise app on the iPad connected to a Jawbone Jambox). We also brought his lovey that he’s used to having in his crib at home.
  2. Eating Out
    Eating out for every meal wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be. My one complaint is a few of the restaurants didn’t have high chairs. Somehow, we managed without them, but it involved Pete and I having to take turns eating our meals while one of us watched Sully. We got by giving Sully pieces of our meal as well as giving him some puree packets.
  3. We managed not to lose any baby hats or shoes! 
    I was worried about keeping Sully warm enough for the cooler New York weather. Baby Gap had this adorable hat and these warm shoes. I was thrilled Sully actually kept the hat and shoes on the whole time, and they kept him warm.
  4. Stroller Naps
    I did not expect Sully to nap on the go. He didn’t really do it for our Chicago trip. He will easily fight naps all day long if the conditions aren’t just right for napping. Somehow, though, he managed at least one nap a day in the stroller. The most conveniently timed nap was while we waited in line at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The line was a much longer wait than we anticipated, but he thankfully slept the entire time!
    Side note: I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids/babies to 9/11 Museum. We actually had to leave early because Sully was getting very fussy. The museum is definitely geared towards adults/adolescents, and I felt very disruptive bringing a fussy baby through some of the exhibits.

We had a blast! I’m glad we only went for four days, though, because Sully was exhausted afterwards.