The Perks of an Early Bedtime

The Perks of an Early Bedtime

Sully is not one of those babies that slept through the night at six weeks old…or even six months old. I’ve always been jealous of moms whose babies did this on their own. He is a very frequent nurser and would nurse every 2 hours or more, day and night. The lack of sleep took a huge toll on my mood, so I did a lot of reading and research into sleep training (co-sleeping didn’t work out for us). I joined a very helpful Facebook group as well. It’s amazing how many resources are available to new moms on the Internet.

I’ve learned a lot about baby sleep schedules in the past couple of months, and we now generally aim for a bedtime of 6:30 or 7pm, depending on how his naps were (he naps twice a day, around 9am and 1pm, usually for an hour each nap). I have to say, an early bedtime like this is a game changer! For the longest time his bedtime was 9pm, then 8pm, and now most nights the past week it has been 6:30pm! Putting him to bed this early allows me to cook a healthy dinner, take care of some things around the house, relax with a glass of wine, catch up on reading/tv shows, and other things.

This past Saturday it rained all evening. We stayed in, put Sully to bed at 6:30, and spent the rest of the evening eating takeout Thai, drinking wine, reading, and watching Apple TV. It was seriously perfection. I love how an early bedtime gives me this luxury of free time and relaxation in the evenings. It’s essential time for me to unwind and recharge for the next day of taking care of Sully. When the days feel long and endless, I instantly feel re-energized when I remember bedtime isn’t too far off.

The best thing about an early bedtime has to be the amount of cooking I’ve been able to do. I’ve learned a lot and become a better cook since having Sully. I never would have expected that! I’m so glad we haven’t had to rely on take out most nights, which we could not have afforded to do anyway.

I had always envisioned co-sleeping with Sully, but that didn’t pan out for us. It was too demanding on me physically. And once I discovered the early bedtime, I realized how demanding it was mentally to not have that break in the evening. He’s getting quality sleep, and I’m getting a chance to recharge and be my own person for a bit. It’s win-win.