Thoughts on Life with Two Kids

When we decided to try for a second kid, I really felt like I was taking a bit of a gamble with our future. I knew I wanted a sibling for Sully, but I wasn’t sure about going through the newborn stage again, or adding more work to our already challenging days with a toddler. I am happy to say I don’t regret our decision to add a second child to our family one bit. I expected Sully to regress when the new baby arrived, but he has done quite the opposite. He grew up over night. He’s more like a person than a toddler now. He’s my buddy and helper when I’m taking care of Waylon. He acts so much older, talks more, communicates and can be reasoned with on a whole new level compared to before Waylon arrived. It has blown me away how he has grown.

We really got lucky, I know. I’d even say life now is EASIER than it was with just one toddler. By the end of my pregnancy, Sully was wearing me down every day and so difficult to handle. We had a long summer with very little childcare available when I needed it most. Sully didn’t start school until a few weeks after Waylon arrived, but that tail end of the summer got immensely easier somehow. I think Sully just immediately understood he had a new role to fill—the big brother—and he liked stepping into that new role and exceeding our expectations.

By the end of the day I am exhausted, but I’m not really stressed or anxious about doing it all over again the next day. I love our new routine with Waylon added to the mix. He’s a much easier newborn than Sully was (Sully didn’t take a two hour nap until he was 4 months old, and even then they were few and far in between). At two months old, Waylon follows a loose nap schedule, which has made my life a whole lot easier when I have client work and other things to do.

Here’s a typical day for us:

6:30am – Pete wakes up for the day and showers/starts breakfast. Waylon usually wakes around this time to nurse as well.

7am – Pete wakes Sully and brings him to our bedroom to say good morning to Waylon. Sully loves to see Waylon first thing when he wakes up and give him a good morning kiss.

7:15am – I put Waylon back to sleep and join Pete and Sully for breakfast.

9am – Pete and Sully are off to school/work. I nurse Waylon and we hang out and “play” a  bit.

10am – Waylon goes down for his morning nap. I drink my iced coffee and catch up on client work.

12pm – Waylon is awake now. I nurse him. If I didn’t squeeze in my lunch at 11 while Waylon was asleep, I throw something quick together.

1pm – Waylon and I go pick up Sully from school. Waylon HATES the car. This trip can be super stressful.

1:30pm – We get home. Sully eats a snack or plays for a bit until nap time.

2pm – I have to really stick to my guns to make this happen, but I get Sully to take his nap. I read some books to Sully while holding/nursing Waylon, and Waylon magically falls asleep in my arms at this time. I quickly sneak him into his bassinet, then run back to Sully and put him down for his nap.

Now I get to enjoy a glorious 1-2 hour break. I catch up on more client work, house work and eat a snack usually. I’ve been amazed that they will both nap at the exact same time.

4pm – By this time, both boys are up. Sully is super cranky after his nap and wants to be held and have a snack. Waylon needs to be nursed. Things get a little tense and stressful while I juggle making the two of them happy.

5pm – Waylon goes down for another nap, or I carry him in the baby carrier while I start prepping dinner. Sully is in a much better mood by this point and will watch a movie or play independently while I try to get dinner ready.

6:15pm – Pete gets home. He plays with Sully outside while I finish up dinner. We eat dinner pretty quickly so that we can start the bedtime routines.

7pm – Bedtime routines are underway. Sometimes we bathe both boys together (Waylon goes in this bath support by AngelCare).

Pete is in charge of Sully’s routine and I’m in charge of Waylon’s. Both boys change into pajamas, and I nurse Waylon while Pete reads to Sully.

7:30pm – I attempt to put Waylon down for bed. It never takes. Thus begins 3-4 hours of nursing, soothing, and walking around holding Waylon to get him to fall asleep. Pete eventually relieves me so I can take a bath, which is my essential form of self care for the day. I love a bath and a podcast to unwind at the end of the day.

9pm – I prep Sully’s school lunch for tomorrow while Pete is working on getting Waylon down. Finish up any laundry or house stuff that needs to be done. Then I head to bed, where we put on a Netflix show at the lowest possible volume so as not to disturb Waylon, while taking turns soothing him and trying to get him to go to sleep. Seriously looking forward to when he will just go to sleep at 7:30pm like Sully!

11pm – Waylon is finally down by this point. I fall asleep in 5 seconds flat haha.

So this is basically our ideal schedule, but of course every day varies a bit. Sometimes Waylon will have a bad nap day, and at this age, his sleep schedule is always changing. So in a couple of weeks our day to day may look very different. Overall, I’m really happy with the groove we’ve found, and I think his whole two kid thing is gonna work out.