Updates & Things

Hi!  I’ve been MIA for a long time, I know. Definitely ready to get back into posting and sharing what’s going on in our lives!

One major change has been the addition of a new bedroom/bathroom to our house! We finally decided  to add on instead of buying a bigger house. We are now enjoying the luxury of our own wing off the back of the house. It’s amazing, I won’t lie. We cut our laundry room in half to add a hallway off the kitchen leading to the new addition, but we are using the space much more efficiently now. Our new bedroom has a sliding door leading to the deck, which we extended so we can walk right out onto it. We also have a bathroom off the bedroom—something I have been wishing I had for years! Designing everything exactly the way I wanted was so much fun. We got a taste of what it’s like to build your own house, which I never thought I would have a chance to do. Waylon now has his own nursery, and we moved Sully to our old bedroom. Eventually, I hope to move Waylon in with Sully and future baby #3 (no, I’m not pregnant, just planning ahead) will go in the nursery.

Our New Bedroom

New Bathroom (my favorite place in the house now…the tile wall makes me so happy!)


My favorite part of the whole addition, the tiled wall in the bathroom!

And now for some life updates…

Waylon is now 10 (almost 11) months old. In other major, life changing news, he sleeps through the night! I’m not sure if I shared before, but he had a dairy/soy/egg intolerance since two months old which he has now outgrown as well. For eight long months I couldn’t eat dairy, soy, egg, or corn even, because the proteins from these foods got into my breastmilk and gave him tummy issues. I recently was able to reincorporate all those foods, however, and he’s doing great with them now. He’s a happy little guy these days. Sully loves him as much as ever, too.

So there’s  a quick update of our lives and a peek at our new addition to the house! I would like to set a goal of posting once a week on here. We’ll see if I can do it….