Wednesday Night Treadmill Runs

Since having Sully, my treadmill has become essential for fitting in runs during the week. My free time is limited to when he sleeps, and I feel like I have to pick between a handful of things I can accomplish each night. Usually a toss-up between cooking dinner, catching up on laundry, working, or running. Squeezing in runs during the week is just hard. But, I’ve figured out a new schedule lately that seems to work out pretty well. On Wednesdays I always take Sully to visit my family that lives a little over an hour away. We spend the whole day there. We drive back in the evening. Sometimes we eat dinner there, but if we don’t, I try to leave early enough to get back for Sully’s bedtime (7pm). I feed him a quick dinner and get him in his pajamas before we load up the car. When we get home, he’s ready to go straight to bed. He actually has no issue going to sleep when we get home at 7, even after sleeping an hour in the car on the way back. (This is probably because he skips his afternoon nap while we are out and about playing with his cousins all day long.)

Anyway, once he’s in bed at 7, Pete is also leaving to go play music with his band. I have the evening to myself. I don’t have to cook anything substantial for dinner. The best use of my time is to fit a run in! And, thanks to the treadmill, I can do this while Sully sleeps.

So that’s what I’ve done the past few weeks on Wednesday nights. I get a three mile run in, then reheat some leftovers for dinner. I’m loving this routine since I can fit my runs in relatively easily. And while Wednesdays are exhausting, having the hour drive of downtime re-energizes me just enough to get on the treadmill after I get home and put Sully to bed.

Some people are completely opposed to running on treadmills, but when the choice comes down to not fitting a run in at all or running on the treadmill, I choose the treadmill. I always listen to music or a podcast while I’m running, and this is enough entertainment to get me through 30 minutes of staring at the wall ahead of me. Not to mention, alone time is rare these days, and I’ll take what I can get!