Weekend Long Run: 70 Minutes

This week’s long run was scheduled to be 70 minutes long (every weekend long run now is Sully’s longest run in the stroller, so I’m just waiting to see when he hits his limit with that!).

We used to wake up, eat a super light breakfast (a banana or something along those lines), and head straight out the door. Now that we have Sully, we do things a little different on long run days. We wake up whenever Sully wakes us up (typically 6-7am), make a normal breakfast (eggs, english muffins with cream cheese and lemon water—my favorite these days), then take our time getting ready so that we can time the run with Sully’s first nap. Then we head out the door and go to our favorite running spot (near the university we live by). By the time we get there, my breakfast is digested and I’m in the perfect mood to go for a run. I love this new routine even more than our pre-baby long run routine!

We ran 35 minutes out, turned around, and ran back to where we started. It ended up being a 7.75 mile run, so an 8’47” pace! Not bad, especially considering we were pushing a stroller. We alternated pushing every mile. At one point when I was pushing the stroller we had to go up a pretty large hill. In the past, this exact hill would destroy me and I’d slow down drastically on it. I think pushing the stroller has really made me a stronger runner, though, and this time I owned that hill.

After we got home and had some lunch, we timed a trip to New Orleans with Sully’s second nap (we are becoming masters of timing his naps with stroller and car rides). We both were in need of new running shoes, so we went to a local shop to get fitted. I ended up getting a pair of Nike Lunarglide 7’s. I’m still on the fence about Nike shoes, but I do love the look of them and find them hard to resist. The Lunarglides have support for over-pronators, so I thought they’d be worth giving a shot.

Nike Lunarglide 7s

I was eager to test these out, so we did a 3 miler on Sunday evening. They felt fine, but I had some arch pain after the run. I’m going to attribute that to needing to break them in some more.

Next weekend, we run for 80 minutes. I’m going to look into other entertainment options for Sully in the stroller now that these runs are getting really long. Any suggestions?