Weekend Long Run: 80 Minutes (and sick!)

Weekend Long Run

Well, I didn’t expect to be writing this post because I wasn’t even planning to do this weekend’s long run.  Sully has been sick with a cold and ear infection since last Thursday. We took him to the pediatrician on Saturday and the infection was pretty bad, so they put him on antibiotics. In the meantime, I also caught his cold. We’ve been through four sleepless nights in a row and I am exhausted.

During the day he was in pretty good spirits, thankfully. Yesterday we managed a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with my parents, sister, and nephews. Sully had a great time!

Pumpkin Patch

Afterwards, Pete and I were just completely exhausted. Around 4:30pm when it was looking like our long run just wasn’t going to happen, we got the crazy idea not to skip the run after all. We were scheduled to do 80 minutes. We decided to just go out there and give it a shot. I wasn’t looking forward to putting Sully to bed early anyway, because as soon as he’s lying down his congestion and ear pain just get worse.

So, we headed to the lakes and managed 8.5 miles! I was SO proud of us. I mean, maybe it was just stupid do that while we were both exhausted and Sully and I are both sick. But, I don’t feel any worse today than I did yesterday.

Around mile 6 Sully started to cry, so I finished out the rest of the miles with the stroller and ran full speed ahead. I don’t know where I found that energy. I like to call it Mom Strength!

Here are the splits from the run. We started off slow and sluggish, which was totally fine. I didn’t want to push it. Then, I really amped it up for the last mile or two where Sully was getting impatient. We finished the run just as it got dark.

9:49 9’49″/MI
19:14 – 0:25 (4%) 9’24″/MI
28:41 + 0:03 (-1%) 9’27″/MI
38:16 + 0:07 (-2%) 9’35″/MI
47:57 + 0:05 (-1%) 9’41″/MI
57:37 – 0:01 (0%) 9’39″/MI
1:07:03 – 0:12 (2%) 9’26″/MI
1:15:17 – 1:12 (12%) 8’14″/MI

It was a great end to a relatively stressful weekend. We came home, fed and bathed Sully, and got him into bed at 8. I had pumpkin soup in the slow cooker and whipped up some grilled brie and jam sandwiches. Paired with a cold beer, it was the perfect dinner after a long run/day.