Weekend Long Run

We just started half-marathon training for a January race. That means weekend long runs have commenced—only this year, we have the little guy keeping us company.

Running with a Baby?

I ran for as long as I could during pregnancy, and planned to get right back into it after the baby was born. Unfortunately, I had nerve damage during birth which affected my foot (a condition called “foot drop” if you’re curious). I didn’t even attempt to run again until 3 months postpartum. I took it slow getting back into shape. Now, nearly 9 months postpartum, I’m finally getting back to my pre-pregnancy pace. I couldn’t have done it without our jogging stroller, which allows us to bring Sully along for workouts. Before he was sitting up, we used the stroller carseat adaptor to bring Sully along. Now that he can sit up on his own, it’s much easier to put him in the stroller and go for a run. The longest run we’ve done with him in the jogging stroller is 6.3 miles, which we did this past weekend. He did great. Each weekend, we’ll increase our distance by about 1 mile as we train for the half-marathon.

Generally during long runs, Pete and I alternate pushing each mile. This system keeps us both from getting too tired from pushing the stroller. I could probably keep this up the entire 13.1 miles if I had to! Luckily, we will not be bringing Sully along for the race itself, so any training with the stroller is just making us that much stronger for running solo.

The rest of our training takes place on the treadmill (on loan from my Mom; I don’t know what we’d do without that either!) or on Monday nights when we run with our neighborhood running club. Three days of running a week is about all we can manage with a baby under one year old!

I’ll be posting more updates about how our half-marathon training is going, along with how we are managing fitting in runs with a baby.