Porch Revamp: Phase I

Our porch has been in need of a new paint job for years now. Pete recently brought up how much the peeling paint on the floorboards and columns was bothering him, so I started looking around the neighborhood and Pinterest for porch inspiration. The dark porches jumped out to me the most, especially if they had contrasting white painted on the fronts of the porch steps.

Last weekend we had a cold front come through which brought in some perfect fall weather for a project like this. I had to go to New Orleans for a baby shower, so I brought Sully with me while Pete spent the day painting the porch. We went with Behr paint in “Pure Black” and Benjamin Moore “Decorator’s White”. The finished product came out great. The porch looks brand new and SO improved. I also added a pumpkin and some gourds to decorate for fall (which turn out to be great baby toys!) along with this doormat from Target.

 Fall Porch

This is our first big home project we’ve attempted since Sully was born. I have to say, it feels great to be at a point where we can actually fit something like this in! I honestly assumed that any painting or home improvement projects would be put off for at least the first year of his life.

Porch Revamp Phases II & III

The next two phases of this project will be painting the porch swing and installing porch railings—something we have long wanted to do, but just never made a priority until now. Now that Sully is crawling around and will soon be walking, railings would make it a lot easier (and safer) to hang out on the porch with him.