Where I’ve Been

I took a four month hiatus from blogging, and now I’m back!

Life got really busy with juggling freelance work and taking care of a now 14-month-old (can you believe it?!). Naps also became short and irregular for a couple months there. They are still short, actually, but he seems to be taking them more regularly now. I depend on his two naps a day to get any work done. Now I feel like I am coming up for air a bit and can fit in some blogging as well.

So, let me catch you up to speed.

Sully is now 14 months old!


He naps twice a day most days, usually for 40 minutes to an hour. As I write this, though, he is 1.5 hours into a nap! A rare event for sure, and I am taking full advantage by working on a blog entry after wrapping up some work.

He is amazing. I can’t get enough of him. He is so loving and blows kisses to everyone (including the mail carrier and random people that knock on our door). He is obsessed with dogs.


He has so many words now! Including hey, bye bye, book, bath, ball, dog, cat, fish, baby, all done, bird, hot, mama, dada, papa, milk, block, wow, cheese, uh oh, bo bo, Brown Bear, duck, thank you. He learns new words every day it seems like.

He’s still not walking. Anyone else have a late walker? I’m waiting patiently, since I know every baby is different. He loves pushing his walker toy, and has been cruising around furniture since 10  months old. He just has no interest in letting go!

We’re still breastfeeding! It is going great. Sully loves to nurse and I honestly have no idea when we will quit this, but for now I am happy to continue to nurse him and give him all of the health benefits from breastmilk and share that special connection with him. He still nurses very often, including while we played in the bounce house at his cousin Reid’s birthday party yesterday.


I’m trying to slowly ramp up my client work. Sully will be starting a part time mother’s day out program in August. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with a full time work load, but I do want to start pursuing more jobs and making some business connections. I’ve nearly completely dropped out of the design world since Sully was born. I miss it, and I’m ready to get back into it!

I didn’t run the half-marathon I had started to train for. It was a big blow to realize I just couldn’t pull off the training for that with a baby. The long runs were nearly impossible to find the time to complete, since Pete and I were both trying to train. We recently began training for a 10k instead, and will be running the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans this Saturday.


That’s about all of the updates I have time for now. I’m looking forward to making more regular updates once again!